#WorldBreastfeedingWeek: Sana Khan reveals breastfeeding has helped her lose 15 kg in one month | Bollywood


Sana Khan’s motherhood journey so far has been filled with bliss and joy. The former actor gave birthday to a boy on July 5 and she tells us that breastfeeding the baby has built an incredible bond between her and her child and strengthened it.

Sana Khan became mother to a baby boy in July, 2023.
Sana Khan became mother to a baby boy in July, 2023.

“Feeding your child is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. It connects you with the baby even more. And it’s truly magical,” says Khan, as she talks to us during World Breastfeeding Week.

“When I started breastfeeding , I used to think how I have been living in this body for so many years, but it’s only after becoming a mother that it starts producing milk. How strange that is! But, at the same time, it makes you appreciate the almighty,” she adds.

The 34-year-old, who got married to Maulana Anas Saiyad in 2020, acknowledges that there are new mums who have inhibitions when it comes to breastfeeding. “But, I don’t understand why… Breastfeeding is essential for even the child’s health, as milk is known to be the healthiest of all things. So, it’s important for the child to get it. It keeps their gut healthy, strengthens the immunity system and helps in the overall growth,” asserts Khan.

And not just baby’s health, Khan insists that the breastfeeding benefits the mothers too, as it has worked in her favour and helped her shed a lot of weight. “Not that it was on top of my list to lose weight and get back in shape after delivery, but it feels good. Breastfeeding has helped me lose almost 15 kgs in one month. I was surprised as well but it’s scientifically proven that breastfeeding results in weight loss,” shares the former Bigg Boss contestant.

Having embraced motherhood, Khan says that her child is her priority now, no matter what, and hence, when it comes to breastfeeding, she wants to make sure that everything is right with her own health.

“Breastfeeding results in weakness and that why doctors suggest to take 30-45 days rest after giving birth. During this time, I’m taking special care of myself by eating right and keeping my body healthy, as it helps in lactating. Some may call it a myth, but I feel if whatever you consume affects the sugar level of your body or results in body issues, then why won’t it affect the milk your body produces? That’s why, I avoid taking medicines, very cold beverages or anything unhealthy,” says Khan, adding that she has been taking all kinds of advises from her in-laws.

“They have a desi solution for everything. While one exerts a lot of energy in breastfeeding the child, I try and eat a lot of protein and health friendly stuff as suggested by my elders. Also, I drink Harira, which has all kinds of dry fruits, saffron etc. It’s the first thing I have it in the morning,” shares the new mommy, who confesses that she’s not too comfortable feeding her child in public.

“A lot of new mothers may be fine with feeding the child in the public and it’s their choice, but I’m not comfortable with the idea. You always have the option to take your child to a side and feed them. Right now, my biggest worry is how will I do it when I go out for work,” she ends.


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